Adam White
  • Azure Solution Architect
  • Lead Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Force multiplier


Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert

Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate

Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

Microsoft specialisations: Programming in C#

Gremlin Certified Chaos Engineering Practitioner - GCCEP


I am an engaging and versatile Security Cleared Microsoft Certified Solution Architect / DevOps Engineer & Azure Developer with a reputation for delivering cutting-edge high performing solutions. I consider myself technically/operationally astute. I utilise my extensive knowledge of C#, .Net, and cloud-based technologies to deliver tailored solutions. I have experience in leading and coaching high performing development teams to safeguard exacting development standards.

During my career, I have worked alongside leading organisations, including Microsoft, Schneider Electric, Landmark, ALD Automotive, Capita PLC, Group HES, JLT, and M&M Direct.

By nature, I am confident and highly motivated. My strengths lie not only in delivering bespoke web & cloud-based services using the latest technologies but crucially in understanding business needs and translating those needs into technical solutions which are highly available, resilient and cost effective.

Over 11 years spent developing the skills to create high-performing, stable and reliable software, increase velocity, stability, reliability, and quality, with a high focus on security, system and application availability, and fault tolerance.

Highly Experienced in Cloud based architecture, C#, Azure, CI/CD, and Automation. With a deep interest in Azure, AWS, Microservices, SRE, and DevOps.

Technical Skills


  • ARM Templates
  • YAML Pipelines
  • Terraform
  • Bicep


  • Azure Devops
  • Github Actions
  • Jenkins
  • Team City
  • TFS

Cloud Services/Containerisation

  • Azure
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes


  • CosmosDB
  • MySQL
  • PostgresSQL
  • DB2
  • Entity Framework
  • NHiberate
  • ADO.Net


  • C# .Net Standard & Core
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • Typescript
  • AngularJS 2+
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Boostrap
  • XSLT
  • FluentMigrator
  • Automapper
  • PowerShell
  • Bash
  • Dapr
  • Message based systems (Queue, service bus topics)

Web Frameworks

  • MVC
  • WebApi
  • Webforms
  • RESTful Services
  • Microservices
  • Swagger
  • Consul
  • Mountebank
  • GraphQL

Source Control

  • Git
  • Mercurial
  • SVN
  • TFS

Dependency Injection

  • StructureMap
  • Castle Windsor
  • Ninject


  • NUnit
  • MSTest
  • Moq
  • Selenium
  • Specflow
  • Gherkin
  • Pickles
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Business-Driven Development (BDD)
  • Jasmine
  • Cucumberjs
  • Protractor
  • JMeter
  • K6


  • SplendidCRM
  • NopCommerce
  • CRM Plugins
  • CRM Query Expressions
  • Workflow
  • Liquibase Auth0
  • Sitefinity

Agile Methodologies

  • Scrum
  • Kanban

Key Strengths

  • Delivering cloud-based solutions
  • Delivering high-available, resilient, cost effective solutions
  • Developing to known best practices
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Business Requirements Gathering
  • Experienced Remote Developer
  • System Design & Development
  • Leading & Mentoring Development Teams
  • Process Improvement & Efficiencies
  • Performance, Stability & Reliability based testing
  • Driven individual who's eager to learn and improve
  • Utilising CI/CD via DevOps & SRE to build stable, reliable and performant systems
  • Asynchronous & Queue based Architecture
  • Microservice Architecture
  • RESTful API Development
  • Defect Resolution & Deployment
  • Development Iterations & Sprints
  • Test Driven Development & Business Driven Development
  • Team player

Develops adhering to SOLID and other known best practices, utilising extensive development skills to develop new highly performant and robust systems.

Career Highlights

Microsoft - I worked on a project with Microsoft to deliver one of the most powerful supercomputers and first cloud-based supercomputers in the world for the Met Office to enable better climate change models. This was a cloud native project utilizing Dapr, GraphQL, Kubernetes and the Azure ecosystem..

Schneider Electric - Lacked any form of CI/CD process, code was released from visual studio into Azure, regardless of the environment. There was no configuration management. No valuable monitoring. I lead the team in a cultural shift to introduce DevOps. I introduced Terraform due to the multi-cloud architecture. Created Azure Pipelines and rebuilt the cloud architecture from the ground up. I moved on to introduce SRE practices around monitoring, ensuring that we were capturing and displaying metrics which made sense for the service at hand and its customers. As an active developer in the team, I pushed for domain knowledge to come out of heads and into C# via variable and method naming conventions. Providing context into the why the code or test was doing what it was doing.

Landmark - Landmark needed to be able to process and send a vast quantity of messages to a number of third parties via HTTPS within a short time period. Through performance and stability testing, I identified that it was not achievable. Through recommendations to infrastructure changes & the implementation of Queue sharding I ensured that the system could not only meet but exceed the requirements.

Office for students - I was the sole full stack developer on the portal project. The aim was to create a new website for the Office for Students, enabling providers to self-serve their regulatory needs. The role required thorough requirements gathering, working unassisted, usually remotely, focusing on security, and delivering to tight timescales. The end result was a website that focused on user interaction and usability while also being accessible and mobile-friendly. It passed three external penetration tests from two companies and exceeded the expectations of the client.

M&M Direct - had mismatched configuration, which was leading to unstable systems. I drove the initiative to implement an alternative solution. Implemented CI processes; Utilised ViceVersa to replicate code/content across multiple servers; and rolled out solutions across development, UAT, and production. Succeeded in generating a stable environment and delivered a reduction in development lifecycles, which led to the faster identification of errors.

Emo - Emo's system did not support individual bespoke changes from their key customers, such as Rolls Royce. I led an initiative to enable bespoke changes while maintaining system integrity for other clients. Investigated potential solutions; implemented dependency injection to dynamically add in functionality; developed custom changes for RR using C#, .Net and SQL; tested across multiple clients to ensure no impact, and deployed within Rolls Royce. Succeeded in enabling EMO to offer custom changes to clients on their shared system.

JLT - JLT lacked auto-enrolment functionality for their work-based pension scheme, resulting in a slow manual process. I led a project to deliver auto-enrolment functionality. Operated within the Agile Scrum framework; gathered requirements; developed a solution using SharePoint, Biztalk, C# and .Net; utilised NUnit to drive testing. Succeeded in providing auto-enrolment facilities to eradicate manual processes and delivered a reduction equivalent to five FTE's.

Career History

Senior Azure/.Net Developer
July 2021 - Present
Working directly with Microsoft consultants, embedded directly in scrum teams to deliver functionality to support the build and running of a new supercomputer for the Met Office. This will be one of the most powerful super computers in the world and the first cloud-based supercomputer. Employed by Microsoft Business Group and provided as a full-time resource to Microsoft directly (Directly managed by Microsoft)

  • Architected the microservices and Azure PAAS use within my scrum team to align with the wider architecture requirements.
  • Developed software utilizing Dapr, GraphQL, Kubernetes and the Azure eco system
  • Microservice architecture with communication via GraphQL utlising Dapr and Dapr Actors
  • Designed and documented the deployment plan for each service
  • Documented the architecture and dependencies of each service
  • Cloud native solution deployed into Azure Kubernetes Service using Helm Charts
  • This was an SC cleared role, but public information - Met Office and Microsoft to build climate supercomputer - BBC News
  • C# .net core, .net 5, Azure Blob storage, Azure CosmosDB, Azure KeyVault, GIT, Bicep, Kubernetes, Azure DevOps, Living documentation, PowerShell, Azure CLI, Azure Active Directory, Event grid, Service bus topics and queues, Microservices, BDD, Specflow, Powershell, Yaml, Helm Charts.

Schneider Electric
Lead Azure Cloud Developer / Azure Architect
Jan 2021 – July 2021
Schneider Electric are a huge company, I am working on the Wiser Home product line, specifically the insights platform, which aims to help you reduce your energy bills through data and predications around gas and electricity use.

  • Architected a new IOT cloud to combine two separate Azure cloud instances
  • Integrated third party IoT feeds into existing event hub architecture
  • Introduced Budgeting functionality including seasonal calculations
  • Introduced and led the DevOps cultural shift in the team
  • Introduced Azure DevOps, created yaml pipelines separating the infrastructure and code build/deployments
  • Introduced Terraform due to the hybrid cloud nature, along with Terra Test as all code should be tested, including IaC
  • Rebuilt and standardised the existing cloud configurations in Terraform
  • Documented required changes to ensure disaster recovery is achievable
  • Documented a suggested approach to monitoring
  • C# .net core, .net 4.7.2, Nunit, Azure functions, Azure Blob & Table store, Azure CosmosDB, GIT, Moq, Azure yaml pipelines, PowerShell, Azure CLI, Terraform, Azure Active Directory, Event Hubs, Web Jobs, App Insights, Log analytics.

Senior .Net Developer / Azure Architect (Contract)
Feb - June, June - Sept, Sept - March (extended three times)
Landmark primarily provide data and legal products to the UK's property market, they also provide development services to the UK government.

  • Re-architected queue based solution to handle the required throughputs to meet SLA’s.
  • Engaged to create Ofgem's new energy switching framework. Taking a process that takes ~4 weeks down to a single day (actually minutes).
  • Provided development services to create the switching framework, including the ability to send millions of messages in short time frames, message signing, addressing, and reporting using log analytics.
  • Provided DevOps/SRE services ensuring the platform remained reliable and stable under aggressive load and maintained SLA requirements, this required jmeter & K6 testing, cosmos queries, and log analytics queries to find service contention.
  • Designed the cloud architecture required to produce millions of messages within a short timeframe designing around limitations of previously chosen infrastructure and Microsoft defined service limitations.
  • Designed and Implemented SRE changes to infrastructure as code, comosDb containers and partition keys, the introduction of distributed caching, cache invalidation using Cosmos change feed, and queue sharding.
  • Creation of a manual addressing GUI & API (Azure function apps), Including Azure DevOps pipelines to handle building and releasing of Angular site into Blob storage, using the static website feature. Via PowerShell/Azure CLI commands required to achieve this and the configuration of Azure Active Directory.
  • Introduced Terraform which drastically simplified releasing of code and infrastructure.
  • C# .net core, Nunit, Azure functions, Azure APIM, Azure Queues, Azure Blob store, Azure CosmosDB, Azure Cache (Redis), GIT, Moq, bitbucket, Azure yaml pipelines, ARM Templates, JMeter, PowerShell, Azure CLI, Terraform, Azure Active Directory, App Insights, Log analytics.

Cadence Innova - Office for Students
Lead .Net Developer / Azure Architect (Contract)
September March 2019 to December 2019 (extended twice June - August, August - December)
Cadence Innova is a consultancy which provided services to the Office for Students. The Office for Students is a regulatory body for education providers.

  • Architected the front end and middle tier processes of the self-service portal, backend data store provided by existing CRM team.
  • Delivered a self service portal based on Sitefinity with Dynamics CRM interaction via ThePortalConnector
  • Portal featured: capabilities for providers to create contacts, assign logins and permissions, associate those contacts with regulatory roles within their organisations, raised regulatory cases to report on events, and provided messaging and case tracking functionality.
  • Designed and implemented custom functionality to marshall communication between Sitefinity and CRM through a highly configurable validation layer ensuring communication was untampered and matched expected inputs
  • Focus was placed on security, user interaction, and usability
  • The website passed three penetration tests, performed by two external companies
  • C# .net 4.7.2, Nunit, Dynamics CRM 365, Azure, Azure AD, Powershell, VSTS, GIT, Moq, Javascript, MVC, Sitefinity CMS, ThePortalConnector, Bootstrap, KendoUI, and Razor.

Senior .Net Developer / Technical Architect (Contract)
September 2018 to March 2019
Landmark primarily provide data and legal products to the UK's property market, they also provide development services to the UK government.

  • Engaged to architect and develop a new website for DEFRA.
  • Provided additional SRE services to load test the backend services looking for reliability and stability issues under load using JMeter and custom developed scripts ensuring a random distribution of traffic across all servers and microservices
  • Implemented a prototype switching framework using Azure Logic Apps & Azure Queues to meet the following criteria:
    1. The ability to easily make changes to the app without releasing code
    2. The ability to scale
  • Tech Used: .Net Core, Web Api, Angular 6, Jasmine, Specflow (modified to work with .net core), JMeter, Liquibase, Auth0, Cucumberjs, Postgres SQL, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Queues, Azure SQL, Azure Functions.

ALD Automotive (Société Générale)
Senior .Net Developer / Technical Architect (Contract)
November 2017 to April 2018, Extended to Sept 2018
ALD Automotive is a owned by Société Générale, providing financial services for car leasing products

  • Architected a microservice architecture to provide car dealerships the ability to manage new car orders being financed by ALD.
  • Architected the point of finance flow, for financial documentation generation and the ability to digitally sign generated documents utlising Dealflo.
  • Implemented the microservice architecture using Angular 4 as the front end technology of choice.
  • Architected a microservice architecture to provide car dealerships the ability to manage new car orders being financed by ALD.
  • Architected the point of finance flow, for financial documentation generation and the ability to digitally sign generated documents utlising Dealflo.
  • Implemented the microservice architecture using Angular 4 as the front end technology of choice.
  • Developed the front end against Consul & Mountebank, this ensured that happy and unhappy paths could be coded and more importantly unit tested against in the front end without the backend being present.
  • Developed the microservice architecture to deliver the functionality into the front end.
  • Developed using Agile Scrum methodology.
  • Developed using C#, .net, webapi, and RESTful microservices, to an oracle Db. Front end developed using bootstrap, and angular 4, unit tested via Jasmine.
  • Tested using Protractor & Mountebank, Mountebank allowed the ability to stub responses from the backend microservices, including error cases and intermittent failures, ensuring a robust and resilient front end.
  • Developed and API to allow financing and the creation of financial documents, alongsign the ability to sign these documents digitally through the Dealflo service.
  • Utilised CQRS and EventSourcing architecture for asynchronous customer journey where backend financial decisions took time.
  • Angular 4, Web API, Oracle, Rest Microservices, NUnit, Jasmine, Protractor, Mountebank & Consul, Swagger, Postman - API dev testing, Event Sourcing, CQRS, Queues (RabbitMQ), Specflow, Ninject

Capita Travel And Events
Senior .Net Developer (Contract)
June 2016 to November 2017, Extended twice
Capita Travel and Events are the largest UK-focused business travel event management provider

  • Engaged on a contract basis to upgrade current API responsible for handling hotel bookings and interface the existing API with that of Concur's Hotel booking API.
  • Developed using Agile Scrum methodology
  • Developed using C#, TDD, WCF, Automapper, Ninject, Specflow, BDD, SQL (Sprocs), Fluent migrations, azure web apps, and azure service bus.
  • working with legacy code which has existed for 15 years, while introducing fully unit tested code
  • Updating that legacy code to be unit testable
  • Developed an online profile management system requiring interfacing with Evolvi & ResX, alongside Capita's own bespoke systems.
  • Developed using Agile Scrum methodology using C#, TDD, Workflow, WCF, MVC, Automapper, Ninject, Jasmine, JavaScript, JQuery, Karma, Specflow, BDD, Selenium, LESS and AngularJS, CRM Query Expressions, CRM Plugins.
  • Mentored developers within Capita in BDD, C#, CRM, CRM Plugins, Selenium, TDD.

Feb 2016 to June 2016
South America
Capita Travel And Events
Senior Developer (Contract)
September 2015 to February 2016, Extended
Capita Travel and Events are the largest UK-focused business travel event management provider

  • Engaged on a contract basis to take a proof of concept and turn it into a fully-fledged system.
  • Developed using Agile Scrum methodology using C#, TDD, Workflow, WCF, MVC, Automapper, StructureMap, Jasmine, JavaScript, JQuery, Karma, Specflow, BDD, Selenium, LESS, and AngularJS.
  • Mentored front-end developer in AngularJS, JavaScript & C#.
  • Introduced Karma with Jasmine to allow TDD/BDD of the AngularJs javascript code.

Senior Developer (Contract)
April 2015 to August 2015, Extended twice
Activus is a leading worldwide supplier of application software and implementation services to the medical insurance, protection insurance, and assistance markets.

  • Engaged on a contract basis to create a proof of concept web-based health insurance claims system.
  • After a successful proof of concept created the health insurance claims system.
  • Developed over multiple iterations using the Agile Scrum methodology using C#, SQL, .net 4.5.1, WebApi, MVC, WCF, HTML JavaScript, JQuery, Jasmine, TypeScript, Specflow, Selenium, Pickles, LESS, Automapper, StructureMap, Castle Windsor, NHibernate.
  • Introduced Behaviour Driven Development via Specflow & Selenium to provide UI unit tests and create living documentation
  • Service-Based Architecture so consumers can build their own interfaces if required

Group HES
Lead Developer (Contract)
March 2014 to April 2015, Multiple Extensions
Group HES, established in 1965, is a proven supplier to the fluid power sector and allied industries.

  • Engaged on a contract basis to create a new quoting and sales system within SplendidCRM for internal use.
  • Created a customised NopCommerce instance, to push orders & customers into the SplendidCRM system.
  • Care was taken to not modify Core NopCommerce and SplendidCRM code to retain an easy upgrade path.
  • Liaise with IT Manager to understand business requirements and operate within a bespoke development methodology aligned with Agile.
  • Develop multiple iterations of new functionality using C#, SQL, .Net, HTML, CSS, DB2, Entity Framework code first, and MVC. Handover to IT Manager for testing and management of any resultant defects.
  • Released thoroughly tested functionality into production.
  • Handle production incidents via liaising with sales teams to replicate issues. Develop fixes and deployed them into the production system through emergency releases.
  • Succeeded in delivering five production releases to provide new solutions around quotations, bespoke kits, work orders, and the management of custom part numbers.

Senior Developer
December 2013 to March 2014
JLT Wealth Management provides services and solutions to employers and individuals who require financial planning.

  • Responsible for driving unit testing for BenPal and developing new customised functionality, including auto-enrolment of work-based pension schemes.
  • Addressed issues with BenPal system such as timeouts and changed data caching, which delivered a 75% reduction in outages.
  • Operated alongside Business Analysts and participated in Agile Scrum workshops to gather requirements for the new auto-enrolment.
  • Developed solution using SharePoint and Biztalk with C# and .Net. Utilised Castle Winsor for dependency injection and NUnit for testing. Drove iterations across multiple sprints.
  • Introduced Business-Driven Development using Gherkin language. Integrated into Agile meetings and fed into development/testing using SpecFlow.

M and M Direct
March 2012 to December 2013
M and M Direct is an online clothing store in the United Kingdom, selling products over the internet and by mail order and is the second-largest online fashion retailer in the UK.

  • Responsible for managing the internal development team and working on bespoke development projects relating to the in-house sales system.
  • Reported to the Development Team Manager and led a team of four Developers.
  • Provided estimates based on supplied functional specifications from Business Analyst and Technical Architect.
  • Generated technical specifications aligned with Waterfall methodology. Allocated development to team members and took ownership for delivering complex changes.
  • Developed using .Net and C#, MVC.
  • Handled out of hours production deployments.
  • Handled production incidents and developed fixes. Coached/mentored development team, introduced a training platform called "PluralSight", peer-reviewed all developments.
  • Delivered new functionality through a series of projects, including VAT, Open Invoices, Project Reporting, and FredHopper Search Engine.
  • Built Continuous Integration Servers and converted Hudson to Jenkins, installed Mercurial and migrated team from SVN.

Emo Unlimited
October 2011 to March 2012
Emo Unlimited has 25 years' experience in helping brands, and organisations identify, understand, and engage with their best prospects and local audiences more effectively.

  • Operated within an Agile Scrum, responsible for delivering a series of bespoke features for leading clients, which included Rolls Royce.
  • Developed solutions using .Net and added new features to Umbraco and Vicinity (Bespoke Umbraco management software).
  • Created a tool to automatically apply changes across Umbraco for four main clients (including Mini and Rolls Royce) with auto-sync functionality.

M and M Direct
Various Development and Web Design roles
March 2009 to October 2011
M and M Direct is an online clothing store in the United Kingdom, selling products over the internet and by mail order and is the second-largest online fashion retailer in the UK.

January 2010 to October 2011: Developer/Junior Developer

  • Progressed into the role of Junior Developer and then rapidly moved into the position of Developer within just nine months.
  • Initially worked on production incidents and then progressed into owning development of features.
  • Produced technical specifications from Business Requirements Documents.
  • Developed using C# and .Net 4, wrote unit tests, handled all development defects. Released into production when approved.
  • Created and implemented configuration management tools to improve the development process. Introduced unit testing and dependency injection to the team using Unity Engine to mitigate errors.
  • Supported the implementation of Adyen Payment Gateway System, which improved the security and processing of payments.

May 2009 to January 2010: Web Content Editor

  • Promoted into the role of Web Content Editor.
  • Developed all web content, including new features using Visual Studio for XSLT template development, JavaScript, JQuery, XHTML, and CSS.
  • Implemented analytical tools and identified SEO keywords and assessed PPC campaigns.
  • Implemented various SEO PPC trackers.

March 2009 to May 2009: Web Designer

  • Responsible for enhancing the website using HTML and JavaScript.

Qualifications & Training

  • Gremlin Certified Chaos Engineering Practitioner (GCCEP)
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Developer
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Specialist: Programming in C#
  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
  • Advanced Vocational Certificate of Education (AVCE) in Information Computing Technology


"Adam is a solid (and a SOLID) developer. Great part of a team, works really well with testers, BAs, UI/UXers and other developers. Wouldn't hesitate to have him as part of one of my teams again. Quality of code is high along with his ability to work through and communicate about some complicated concepts with non-technical people. He works well remotely and consistently delivers against deadlines." - Charlie Brock-Lowthian, Project Technical Manager at Cadence Innova

"We worked together at Office for Students where Adam took on the Sitefinity portal and I worked on the D365 solution that it interacted with. When he came in, the portal was merely a few pages cobbled together for a POC project. He took it on and turned into into a fully functioning client portal that is an amazing piece of software. Adam is capable of turning people's ideas into reality. We hit a few stumbling blocks along the way but he came up with solutions which were never too much for him - he took it all in his stride. He is a cool cookie - he articulates everything in a straightforward and measured way. He is quick to pick up concepts. He works great in a team. What ever you put in front of Adam he will work his magic and deliver. Adam is one of the best devs I have ever had the pleasure of working with. If you placed Adam in your organisation he would add value to it without a shadow of a doubt. I have no hesitation in recommending him. " - Simon Burgess, CRM Dynamics Developer at Cadence Innova

"Adam is an eager and enthusiastic developer with a thirst to discover and learn new technologies. Adam's greatest interest is in program oriented solutions with strengths in C#,, XSLT, SQL and Javascript, though he is very capable in web technologies across the board. He studies outside of work to develop his programming skills, which reflects his self-motivation and drive to expand his capabilities. Adam has readily taken on agile development practices and would make a solid member of any web application development team." - Phil Shaw, Worked together at EMO Unlimited

"Adam's a good listener, and a keen developer with a positive attitude towards creating solid solutions. These particular skills make him invaluable in terms of interpreting requirements and turning them into results; not only in a realistic timescale, but also easily maintainable and extendable for others. His considerate demeanor and solid work ethic make him a pleasure to work with, and is an excellent addition to any development team" - Karl Alesbury, Developer at Emo Limited

"Working with Adam was a pleasure. Give him a short brief to work from and he would consistently deliver the finished product to a high standard. The "Junior" part of Adam's job title was only applicable for a month or two. He was playing at a higher level almost immediately. His craving for further knowledge in insatiable. On a personal level Adam is a straight up guy, very likeable and reliable." - Justin Reeves, Lead UI Developer at M&M Direct

"When Adam first joined my team he had a very limited knowledge of C# and the .Net framework. This appeared to change almost overnight, and within 6 months he was already at a similar level, and in some cases at a higher level than developers who had been working with .Net for many years. He is very quick to grasp any new areas/namespaces of the .Net framework, new language features such as Linq, lambdas, anonymous functions / delegates etc. and any new design patterns that he is presented with. Adam is a gifted developer with an excellent understanding of OOP principles. The quality of his code is superb and his attention to detail is excellent, he also has a great understanding of real world business needs and finds it very easy to interpret business requirements into real work solutions with little to no guidance. Adam never ceased to surprise me in his day-to-day role and I have very high expectations of him. I would be proud to work with him again in the future. I can highly recommend him" - Ian Davies. Indirectly managed by Ian at M&M Direct

"Adam is a highly talented individual. Starting in my team as a Junior Developer he immediately showed a stronger-than-average ability in not only with learning the coding required of his job but demonstrating a deeper understanding of the difference between good design and sub-standard design. I'm sure that Adam has a promising future ahead of him." - Kevin McGrath, Managed by Kevin at M&M Direct


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